All Workshops Are $30 And Take Place In The Upstairs Theater At The Bard’s Town On 1801 Bardstown Rd  

Got Your Back!

With Heather Baumann of Central KY Improv

Saturday, August 31st at 10:00am

This class will focus on being specific in your choices and thoughtful in the gifts you give.  You only need to bring one brick to the scene and build it together with your scene partner.  Being the kindest player you can by reinforcing that we all have each other’s backs!

Heather MacDermott Baumann has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Performance from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and has trained at the LaJolla Playhouse Conservatory in LaJolla, California, Circle in the Square Theatre in New York City, with internships at Actors Theatre of Louisville and Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati. Heather performed improv in Chicago for over 10 years, training at The Second City, iO Theater, and The Annoyance Theater.  She is a founding member of the longest-running Harold team at iO—Deep Schwa, and has performed at the Playground, the Chicago Improv Festival, the Big Stinkin’ Improv Festival in Austin, Texas, and the Summer Solstice Celebration at the MCA in Chicago. Heather has been teaching Chicago-style improv in the Lexington area for four years, having coached teams at iO in Chicago, and is currently the coach of Central Kentucky Improv’s house teams, Rhonda and Harriet. Heather is the co-founder of CKI. 

Improv for Meditation and Mindfulness

With Two Sketchy Dames

Saturday, August 31st at 12:30pm

In this workshop, use improv techniques to center and focus your mind, recharge your body, and reclaim inner joy. You’ll learn how to use improv as a source of positivity and calm in your daily life and create healthy habits as an artist-from warm ups to performance to post show. Appropriate for all improv skill levels.

Combined, Alison and Eileen have been performing improv for a billion years. They have been teaching it for half a billion. They have taken classes/intensives at Second City, iO, Annoyance, and the Improv Retreat. Together and separately, they have taken workshops from esteemed colleagues all over the country. Kevin McDonald called them funny once and gave them all the change in his pocket. Seriously. This particular workshop sprouted from the idea that life is hard, but choosing joy and using the tenants of improv can fuel a more positive outlook. Improv is a superpower for good.

Here is what the participants at Gatlinburg Improv Fest had to say:

“good vibes, great energy”

“I loved today’s workshop. It helped me understand human connection and relationships and how they can be used in a scene. I felt more comfortable than I usually am when doing improv. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! “

“LOVED IT!!! Gave me some good ideas and exercises for a concept I have been interested in for a long time. Easy to stay out of comfort zone. “

“Fantastic workshop. This has given me things I will think about before every show/practice.”

“Thank you! I needed more zen in my improv, I already feel like a more whole improviser and person.”

“Wonderful workshop! Excellent stress on the non-performative elements of things (taking out ego and flashiness)”

“Thank ya’ll so much! Thank you for your openness and support. Self-care is so important it feels good to be empowered to bring these badass skills to this badass craft.”

“Very positive”

“Best workshop I’ve ever been to.”

“You two are amazing, thank you for your positivity. I will use the neg to positive idea in the future. Thank you.”

“Thank you, this was much needed and you both have great hair. ”

Creating and Sustaining Characters

With Will Frazier of History Made Up

Saturday, August 31st at 3pm

This workshop will help performers sharpen their skills of character work. Focusing on the details that help create more rounded and realistic characters. 
With fun new warm ups and exercises this workshop will have you giggling and feeling positive and taking home lots of great tips!

Will Frazier has performed his improv podcast, History Made Up, in 13 different states over the last 2 years. He has trained and studied improv for almost 9 years. Starting at the Last Laugh in Des Moines, Iowa his training took him all the way to the UCB in Los Angeles. Will brings big boisterous energy and fun bizarre characters to his shows wherever he goes.