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2019 Shows

Thursday 7pm Show

Gonzo Improv – Louisville, KY

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Gonzo Improv is an improvisational comedy troupe formed in 2017 and based out of Louisville, KY. They are dedicated to keeping things in Louisville crazy, comedic, and unpredictable. No matter how decadent and depraved you are.


Here On Purpose – Pittsburgh, PA

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Here On Purpose is an independent long-form improv team based at Pittsburgh PA’s Steel City Improv Theater, where they have performed since their creation in 2018. When not on stage, members Sean Aucremanne, Ben Bratman, Blaine Connor, Noret Flood, Robbie Marcus, Selim Ozden, and Emma Tilden can usually be found in a Mexican restaurant, over there, behind the margarita glasses, the teacup, and the — are those waffle fries?


The Hystericals – Louisville, KY


The Hystericals, Louisville’s only all Female improv troupe, were tired of being “the girl” on their original improv troupes, so they decided to make opportunities for themselves!



Kentucky Bill – Louisville, KY


“Kentucky Bill” is a long-form improv duo based out of Louisville, Kentucky. Each performance, Bill and Bill respectively, present a legend from their travels across the country and retell the tale to the best of their memory. It’s their goal to enrich and embellish the storytelling experience. It’s your goal to inspire them to make a unique story, but good luck to you sir or madam, for they know every legend ever told.


Thursday 10 pm Show

Paducah Improv – Paducah, KY


Paducah’s best (only) improv comedy group. Covering both short form and long form improv they will always be at their best!



Bluetime – Cincinnati, OH

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Mary O’Connell and Tone Branson are company members and performers for Improv Cincinnati and work together on a variety of improv and sketch comedy projects. With a combined 15 years of improv experience and love of playing unusual characters, the duo created, “Bluetime,” a long form set where they play themselves watching a completely made-up television show (based on audience suggestion), as well as the characters in the show. Mary and Tone take audiences on a journey that is honest, sincere, foolish, and fun.

Total BS – Louisville, KY

Total BS brings a unique twist on improv as a two person team. We do short form, long form, skits, and everything inbetween.



Extra Crispy Improv Troupe – Louisville, KY

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Extra Crispy Comedy Improv Troupe is a Kentucky-based improvisational comedy group comprised of local talent. Extra Crispy performs throughout the region, bringing its unique spin and style to your favorite improv games and sketches.


Friday 7:00pm Show

Improv Anonymous – Louisville, KY

13412909_821753287969084_2375511918166239211_nImprov Anonymous was started as a way to bring more improv comedy to Louisville, KY, a town a craving for this art form. Performing the art of short form and long form improvisation and making people laugh their socks off!



Harriet – Lexington, KY

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Harriet is a long-form improv team from Lexington KY. Harriet performs regularly around the Lexington area including the Kentucky Castle. Harriet is performing in the Atlanta Improv Festival this April. This is the first time here in Louisville! Harriet is part of Central Kentucky Improv.


Uranium-235 – Cincinnati, OH

Colin Thornton and Joe DiSalvo are Uranium 235, a radioactive comedy duo who perform “The Deconstruction”. The Deconstruction takes a simple scene and exponentially breaks it apart until it’s inner truth is completely revealed. This challenging format is normally performed by a full team of improvisers, but Uranium 235 love to jump in the deep end of danger and risk. Join us on an entropic journey from order to chaos.

Improv 502 – Louisville, KY

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Improv 502 is not only Louisville’s only Improv School but they are also home to a few house teams as well! They have the Improv 502 Players, LaLa Awesome, Sidetracked Improv, Total BS, and more!

Friday 10 pm Show

Rhonda – Lexington, KY

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Rhonda is a long-form improv group from Lexington, KY. Rhonda performs regularly around the Lexington area including the The Kentucky Castle. Rhonda performed at The Del Close Marathon at UCB in New York, the Improv Festival of Cincinnati and this is their second time at the festival in Louisville. Members of Rhonda have performed and/or trained at Second City, Improv Olympic, the Annoyance and Upright Citizens Brigade.

Project Improv – Louisville, KY

PI logo

Project Improv has been performing in Louisville since 2002! The faces might change but the idea remains the same – quality long-form improv shows that make you laugh, cry, or just ponder your own existence. You will walk away from our shows scratching your head and craving more!


Two Sketchy Dames – Cincinnati, OH

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Two Sketchy Dames are 50% Sketch, 50% Improv, 100% Fabulous. Alison Rampa and Eileen Earnest are Two Sketchy Dames full of wine & funny and they are ready to perform some make-em-ups and sketch comedy for you. Their Form? Hmmm, let’s call it: La MOD. As in, Ladies Making Outstanding Decisions. Because…duh.


Saturday 7:00pm Show 

Homeburger – St. Louis, MO

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HOMEBURGER is actually three friends who discovered each other in St. Louis and started an improv team because they love each other like crazy. Annie, Julia, and Lindsay have all been studying and performing for 4-5 years at The Improv Shop, St. Louis’ only long-form improv theater, and are now branching out for shows around the city (and hopefully, the country!). They strive to bring energy and fearlessness to their shows, riding the roller coasters of emotions and creating beautiful weirdos to make each other smile for a half-hour each week.


Hearts On Fire – Phoenix, AZ

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Hearts on Fire is a collection of 7 experienced improvisers from the Phoenix, Arizona Valley area. All of the performers have trained at Phoenix’s two long improv theaters: The Torch and Second Beat. Some of our team members have also trained at UCB New York and IO West. We also have members with significant short-form experience.

They are a long-form team. But, Hearts on Fire’s shows are a mixed bag of formats and theories. They typically feature a mix of patient scenes with tag out runs, which you might see in a slacker format. They are a high octane show, so if you are planning to see them perform, bring a beverage to help you cool down from their heat.


Hot Mic – Cincinnati, OH


With musical accompanists, EZ/DZ (Daniel Zimmer, piano. Delmar Davis, guitar), HOT MIC performers Jon Ulrich, Colin Thornton, Tone Branson, Chance Kilgour, Ellyn Broderick, Mary O’Connell, Kelly Morton, and Jenna Yuenger create a fun and unique musical story based on audience suggestion. All of the scenes, the music, and lyrics are made-up on the spot by, what many audiences have called, “magic.” 


History Made Up – Des Moines, IA


History Made Up is an improv comedy podcast that travels the country showcasing all this wonderful local talent. The host, Will Frazier gets local celebrities (meteorologists, sportscasters, zoo spokespeople, etc.) to come on and tell a historical story based on their profession. Then Will improvises scenes with local improvisers inspired by that story! History Made Up comes out every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts.

It started in Des Moines, IA and worked outward to Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Utah so far highlighting local improvisers and discovering great local stories.  Recently a finalist in the 2018 Contest 4 Improv 4 Humans.

Saturday 10 pm Show

The Secret Lives of Villains – San Francisco, CA

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It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that villains only get their pleasure out of being evil, but that’s simply not the case. We just rarely get to see what their hobbies and interests are, outside of hurting people. Join Diana Brown and Dominica Malcolm as they explore the delicate nature of tumultuous villains.


FearScape – Louisville, KY

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FearScape is a High energy long form dealing with monsters and murder and mayhem! Using hundreds of randomly selected horror movie soundtrack songs from the 50’s to present, Brad and Stefan perform a long form while each scene is scored by a random song each edit. They get a monster from the audience and go from there creating a two-man show that is a bloody good time!



Laugh Out Loud Theater – Chicago, IL

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Booze Your Own Adventure from Laugh Out Loud Theater – Chicago!!

Remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” kids’ books from the 1980s? This show is kind of like those but all grown up. And with drinking!

Drinking games affect the fate of the hero and change the direction of the story as the actors furiously imbibe beers. It’s Chicago’s funniest drinking show and now will be Louisville’s!